Travelling around Smelly Koala Lands

Formed your dream team? It is now time to explore far and wide!

đŸĢ Smelly Koala Town Hall: Game settings, enlist your deck, equipment or swap tokens. Do farming, manage your farm and harvest.

đŸ—ŧ Smelly Koala City: The Big City. Battle unkind baddies RPG Style every 10 minutes. Challenge a Raid Boss or defend against Zombies. Heal yourself here too.

🌾 Farm Fields: Simplified farming mode. Harvest crops and enjoy the weather! Earn KFARM

🏟 Battle Arena: Simplified battle mode. Engage in quick in quick out, one click battling. Earn KBATTLE.

🎁 Treasure Vault: Attempt to save the treasure from corrupted Smelly Koalas. The BIG Koala Coin chest awaits. Each attempt uses 0.05 KOALA COIN.

After you created and enlisted your team, it will be recognised in all places.

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