KCHAT and NFT Airdrop

When you contribute to the official KOALA, KPOINT and KCHAT Liquidity Pools on ALCOR, you gain a chance for a NFT airdrop or KCHAT airdrop for all valid chats.

Each set of 100 tokens in KOALA, KPOINT, KCHAT Liquidity Pools (and within the LP range) on ALCOR gives a 0.1% chance, up to a maximum 5%.

For example, if you have 500 KOALA, 450 KPOINT, 400 KCHAT in Liquidity Pools, you will be rolling 0.4% chance on all valid chats at all KCHAT enabled groups.

When it happens, you will receive a notification from the KCHAT Bot. Keep a lookout for it!

You can do a /ksync mywallet after contributing at any KCHAT enabled group to update your profile immediately.

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