How it Works - Leveling Up

In the World of Smelly Koala, every action you take adds depth to your adventure. Our KOALA Rewards system is a testament to your journey, marking milestones and recognizing your efforts as you mine KPOINTs and grow within our universe.

🚀 May the Stench Be With You: Your level represents more than just progression – it symbolizes the time, effort, and energy you've poured into the World of Smelly Koala. As you mine KPOINTs through various activities, you rise through the ranks, showcasing your dedication.

🎁 Acknowledging Your Achievements: Each level-up is a significant milestone. To celebrate, we offer a modest gift of KPOINTs, recognizing your commitment and the adventures you've embarked on.

Delve deep, mine, and level up. Your unique journey in the World of Smelly Koala awaits!

Key Points:

  • You gain experience each time you mine KPOINT

  • A higher Total Reward Rating (RR) results in higher mining power and hence faster level ups

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