Creating a Team

To form your Koala Battle Deck, simply acquire the desired koalas and place them in your WAX Wallet.

There is no minimum or maximum number of koalas you can have. However, a strong team will allow you to stand up against nastier baddies and have bigger farms!

You can purchase a New Player Pack which comes with a discounted set of cards and resources for a new player. With this pack, you can enjoy battling, farming, and the various game modes. Only 1 per account allowed and a number of the items are not transferrable.

Alternatively, you can search the secondary market.

Remember, only Smelly Koala NFTs with HP and SF values printed on the card face are eligible.

To register your deck with the game and start, use the following command at the Smelly Koala Town Hall.

/bm@koalasnbot enlist yourwallet

Periodically, the bot requires you to sync your deck again to prevent exploits. When asked to, simply enlist again.

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