✅ Requirements:

  • Free to Play

  • Free World of Smelly Koala Web Account

🎁 Withdrawal:

  • KPOINT (Minimum: 30)

  • Must own 1 World of Smelly Koala NFT

  • Processed over weekends.

Play here:

Based on the number of participating NFTs and amount of participating Liquidity Pools held by the player, a daily amount of KPOINT will be mined.

Your daily KPOINT mined is based on the amount of Reward Rating (RR) you have multiplied by the amount of KPOINT 1 RR produces.

Daily KPOINT received = Total RR x (KPOINT per RR)

Click on the Reactivate Rewards button daily to maintain your active status for continued mining!

KPOINT is credited during daily processing between 0845 to 0945 UTC. The website will be inaccessible during the process.

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