Koala Farm is a great and easy way to produce Koala Coins and KFARM.

Farm commands require AP (Action Point). You have 100 AP and it recovers over time.

Each SF represents a space for a tree. Your farm needs to have a constant supply of fertilizer and water. Without it, trees will wither up to a maximum of 30% of your total trees starting from the pristine trees and you will need to chop them off!

Here are some tips!

Check your farm status using:


Make sure your fertilizer and water never hits 0. Produce them using:


Make sure your farm is clean. Clean the poop regularly using:


If you are busy, consider using:


This will automatically clean your farm with a service fee of only 10% of your production and 50 AP per clean. Much better than a withered farm!

Happy with your produce? Type the following command to harvest KOALA and KFARM to your Balance using 20 AP:


You can buy more seeds and other farming supplies from the Koala Farm Shop at đŸĢ Smelly Koala Town Hall:

/bm@koalasnbot farmshop – Displays the shop menu

Consider buying the Farming Pack for a Koala Farmer Specialist that increases your AP by 25% to 125 AP.

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