In-Game Balance Bonus

You gain rewarding bonuses when you leave your balances in game instead of withdrawing them.

🐨KOALA Coin Surprise Bonus

Every 10 gains 0.03% capped at 3%. You may find lucky Koala Coin drops when you travel in The World Of Smelly Koala.

⚔️KBATTLE City Attack and Evade Bonus

Every 10K gains 0.2% capped at 3%. This helps you miss less and avoid more damage. Good for engaging special baddies like Unkind Scrooge.

☀️KFARM Tree Roll Chance Boost

Every 1K gains 0.5% capped at 10%. This helps you grow more prestine trees.

🌈KFARM Poop Reduction Boost

Every 1K reduces 0.1%. This reduces your maintenance cost.

📦KFARM Combo Fert Boost

Every 10K produces 1 extra fertilizer. This increases your fertilizer production.

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