KOALA Coin is the heartbeat of the entire World of Smelly Koala metaverse. Powering our Telegram and the upcoming web game, this coin facilitates engagement in our universe centered around kindness, love, and joy. With the KOALA Coin, you are not just playing games, but participating in a broader mission that strives to make the world a kinder place.

KCHAT Coin is the backbone of our social community initiative for a more meaningful global WAX Telegram community. It's not just a token but a tool for promoting kinder and deeper connections within our KCHAT Communities on Telegram and Koala Farm on the web. With KCHAT Coin, you are contributing to the creation of an engaging, respectful online space where every interaction counts.

KPOINT Coin is a symbol of our appreciation for our community. It's not just a reward system but an embodiment of our gratitude. Holders of World of Smelly Koala and Guest Collections mine it daily, reaping rewards simply for being part of our journey. With KPOINT Coin, you are tangibly appreciated, turning each day into a rewarding adventure.

Our tokens smart contract on the WAX Blockchain is appsbmtokens.


Please note that the KOALA Coin, KCHAT Coin, and KPOINT Coin are central to our World of Smelly Koala metaverse. As these tokens exist on the WAX blockchain, they can also be incorporated into other projects. While we recognize the innovative spirit of the blockchain community, we would like to remind our players that we can only provide assurance for the experiences and rewards associated with these tokens within the official World of Smelly Koala games and communities. We encourage all our players to stay informed and exercise discernment. Together, we can foster a vibrant and engaging gaming environment.

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