Baddies spawn in the Smelly Koala City every ten minutes. Your mission is to save the day!

Be careful not to take on baddies too strong for you. Your HP will be wiped out and your koalas will faint. When that happens, you need to heal yourself using first aid kits, seek help from other players to heal you or wait for your HP to recover.

The game is inspired by RPG games, so you should grind for resources, level up and buy first aid kits.

Types of Attack

Farting, time-tested offense. Balanced between strength and risk.


Hugging baddies to share the smell. Stronger attack but higher risk of missing. Baddies can see you approaching!


Stench is the ultimate combination of hugging while farting! The strongest attack but highest chance of missing.


Benevolence Special Attack

Every damage received will charge up your Team Benevolence Meter.

When it is full as seen below:

😠Koala Benevolence Meter😠 πŸ¨πŸ¨πŸ¨πŸ¨βœ… Benevolence Meter is full.

Trigger the special attack which is a 100% hit with no retaliation by typing:


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