Playing a Game

If you have at least 1 token, buttons to start games will be active.

Clicking it will launch the game in a pop-up window.

As part of our commitment to KOALA Fair Play, there are anti cheating mechanisms in place.


  • Do not switch to other apps from the start till the end

  • Do not close the KOALA Arcade or Game window during play

  • Games will start automatically after a 5 seconds count down. Do not interrupt this process.

  • If you are prompted to click or tap, follow the instructions immediately.

  • When the game is over, there will be a 5 seconds count down as the score is processed. Do not interrupt this process or close the window. The game will close itself when processing is complete.

It is important to allow pop-ups and follow the above mention guidelines otherwise your token may be lost. Thank you for supporting KOALA Fair Play.

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