Contribute to Liquidity

✅ Requirements:

  • World of Smelly Koala Tokens

  • WAX Tokens

  • WAX Blockchain wallet

🎁 Benefits:

  • Support a meaningful cause

  • Boosted KOALA Rewards Reward Rating

  • Exclusive World of Smelly Koala LP bonuses

  • Earn ALCOR Liquidity Fees (External Party)

Every time a member of our community contributes to our liquidity pools, it's more than just a gesture of support. It's a testament to belief in the collective spirit of the World of Smelly Koala universe. Such contributions go beyond numbers and tokens, they resonate with our shared purpose and amplify our mission.

Our goals have always been expansive. Each contribution not only bolsters our digital ecosystem but also reflects our shared commitment to causes that matter, like food security. By being a part of this, you're not merely aiding in our in-game experiences but also stepping into a broader purpose, one that transcends the game's boundaries.

So, when you choose to stand with us, remember it's not just about strengthening a platform, but about championing a shared vision, and being part of something bigger than oneself.

⛔ Navigating the Fluid Nature of Liquidity Pools

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital universe, liquidity pools, like many other components, can naturally experience ups and downs. While we strive to provide purpose within the World of Smelly Koala, we also believe in empowering our community with knowledge.

We encourage every member to take a proactive approach, understanding the nuances of liquidity pools. As you immerse yourself in our world, do so with a spirit of curiosity and inquiry. Dive into research, consult trusted sources, and always make choices aligned with your personal understanding and comfort level.

Remember, being a part of World of Smelly Koala is not just about engaging in a game, but also being an informed and active member of a thriving community.

Contribute to World of Smelly Koala Liquidity Pools here:

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