Core Experiences

Immerse yourself in the multifaceted World of Smelly Koala experience. Our vibrant universe unfolds across five distinctive elements, each crafted to engage, entertain, and inspire you:

  • World of Smelly Koala Telegram Game - Embark on a role-playing adventure where you assemble your team of Smelly Koalas to vanquish unkindness. It's more than a gameβ€”it's a mission with a purpose.

  • KCHAT Communities - Join our dynamic social initiative and engage in kinder, more meaningful conversations within the WAX Telegram communities. Make rewarding connections, join gaming events, and enjoy the occasional surprise of free NFTs.

  • KOALA Rewards - We love to celebrate our players. That's why we reward those who own World of Smelly Koala and guest collection assets. It's our way of showing appreciation for your support and engagement.

  • KOALA Arcade - Crypto gaming can be a fun experience! Engage in heart pumping and adrenaline rushing arcade games.

  • KOALA Farm - Embrace the life of a virtual farmer with KOALA Farm. Here, your daily activities produce tokens, making every day a rewarding experience.

  • World of Smelly Koala Web Game - Coming soon, this feature promises to offer an immersive gaming experience with real game elements. Dive deep into team management strategies, and contribute towards reducing the influence of badness in the world. Stay tuned for this exciting addition to our universe!

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