Complete Offers for Free KOALA Arcade Tokens

World of Smelly Koala is thrilled to partner with a top-tier Offer Wall provider to level up your fun!

Complete simple offers to earn more FREE KOALA Arcade Tokens.

Plus, you'll be supporting our sustainability efforts for the collectionβ€”making it a win-win for everyone.

Double the joy, double the impact! 🐨

  • Click on the button shown below to display the Offer Wall.

  • Choose an Offer that excites you. The number of KOALA Arcade Tokens you will earn is displayed in blue.

  • You can keep track of your progress by clicking on the top left and accessing the Reward Status page. Some offers may take a while before it is confirmed so do monitor it.

  • Once the Offer has been successfully completed and is under the Rewarded status, you will be credited with the free KOALA Arcade Tokens!

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